The summer of the Rum Old Fashioned.

Posted on 28 July, 2012 by No-L.
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The Rum Old Fashioned is my drink of choice this summer. I’ve had them before, but I’ve never ordered them so many times in the space of a month. It’s been fun. I’ve had them made by Keith at Liberty Bar, by Mindy at Beaker & Flask, by Adam at Rum Club and by Zach (I think) at Rob Roy. The variety has been amazing. I asked Mindy if she could remember what she made me, and she said she’d try (where was my notebook when I needed it?! Oh, in my car. Right.). The one she made me gave my younger brother a sour face. But it was my drink – not his.

The first one Mindy made me was “funky” (that’s her word, not mine – I thought it was wonderful!). It was very vegetal and had some funky rums in it. Its base was Smith & Cross, and then had two other rums in it. It had an interesting end to it, but tasted delicious. It wasn’t super sweet, but very well-balanced. The second one that Mindy made was much more mellow, and didn’t give my brother a sour face. He liked that one. Less “funky” rums.

The night before, I had one made by another bartender at Beaker & Flask, with Smith & Cross as a base, and it was delicious as well. Not nearly as vegatal as the one I would have in the future, but I specifically requested not the Rum Club Old Fashioned – I would go over there to get one instead!

I like the Rum Old Fashioned, it’s a nice departure from a Rye Old Fashioned (which may have been my spring drink of choice). Rum adds something to the drink that Rye or Bourbon don’t – and I’m trying to put my finger on it. Maybe by the time I get the pictures up I’ll be able to pin that down. For now, though, go try a Rum Old Fashioned. You’ll thank me later.

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Comment on January 22nd, 2013.

I want to try this immediately. My mind’s taste buds tell me the rum softens up the drink. Rum being my favorite spirit, I’m intrigued.

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