DiveMaster Noelle

Go look at this picture before doing anything else. Here.

That has a nice ring to it!

I got certified! I have one more “test” to do, and that involves drinking down a snorkel. Ummmmm, I’m scared, yes, I am. Regardless, it’s the last thing I have to do. I did my rescue (my first “victim” didn’t survive, my second fared MUCH better) and my liveaboard and it was fantastic. I am so happy I came to do this here.

There is much more to write, but I have to prepare to go on another liveaboard, one that I am going to get PAID to go on. SUPAH, EH??

More photos will come when I’m back on land again. But, the flickr feed is updating as I type. So, check it: flickr de Noelle.

The Day I Spent 500 THB on a Panettone.

Dear Blog, it’s been several days (okay fine, one month) since I last wrote. Lots has happened, but I haven’t posted. I am THIS close to finishing my Dive Master certification, but I have a few things left to do. They include a deep scenario and my liveaboard. It should be great fun. At the end of it, I don’t know what will happen… insanity, perhaps.

Regardless, back to the title of this blog. I bought a panettone. An imported one. It was 500 THB. This is the reason I find myself now babysitting on a Saturday night. Yeah, I’m exciting, I know. The sweet bread is delicious and I wanted one, from when I went to the market to get my secret Santa gift! That was over two weeks ago, so I’m still behind on things… All in all, it was delicious, and as big as my head. Seriously. I have pictures that prove this. They will come later.

I have assisted with more courses, helped with some Discover Scuba Diving courses and also have done a bit of guiding. I tried to write a map of a location I’m doing, in 1 meter visibility, and instead went back on the 1st Saturday of 2012 with another DMT (FINALLY!) and got proper measurements and also was able to see. It was amazing. After so many times of thinking I knew where I was on this dive site, to finally know where things are, from MEMORY, is wonderful.

Sunday I get to go back to the wreck where I went initially (see the post Well, That Sucked.) when I arrived in Khao Lak. I am looking forward to being able to see it – I hope. The visibility at the Bang Sak Wreck was good today, so MAYBE it’ll be good at Thai Muang on Sunday. Fingers crossed!

I have some pictures to post, and I’ll do that before I go on my liveaboard. I apologize for the lack of posts – this Noelle is tired!

edit: I posted the picture. And here’s a picture of my birthday cake, from the lovely Sarah.