Tracking backwards.

Dear world,
Yes, I know it’s been a while since I blogged, but there have been some TV shows that have caught my eye, along with many days of work. Yes, I’m working here. It’s great. I’m paying to work. Which seems backward, but it’s life, eh?

I recently wrote down all of what I’d done in the past few days, and it went like this:
26 Nov: 2 dives at the Bang Sak Wreck, where I was supposed to map the thing, but I was pretty much unable to.
27 Nov: 3 dives of under 45 minutes for part of an advanced course – Peak Performance Buoyancy, Navigation and Search & Rescue.
28 Nov: office shift
29 Nov: Snorkel Guiding in the Similans
30 Nov: DMT lecture #2
1 Dec: Scuba Review at Khao Nayak – this was dive #100 and then #101. YIPPEE!!
2 Dec: DMT lecture #3

Saturday, 3 Dec, I started assisting with an Open Water course, which is a requirement for my DMT. It’s also good to go back over everything.

I was so excited to go to the Similans, even for snorkeling. After all, that’s why I’m here. THE SIMILANS ARE RAD. Of course it would have been better to have been diving, but Snorkeling is a requirement of my course as well! Every day I get to knock something off my schedule. There was a lovely US couple on the boat, who came diving with Sea Dragon the next few days. It’s so funny to meet people from the US who are on extended trips. All of our countrypeople always are stunned when you mention you’re going away for any time longer than 2 weeks. We have it much less awesome than the rest of the world! There was also a woman who is a scuba diver, but had her daughter with her, so she was snorkeling. She was so glad her daughter enjoyed the snorkeling, due to the fact that she misses scuba diving. It was fun to be with them as the daughter learned about the fish in the water!

On my scuba review assist, my instructor, Stephan, showed us where a baby box fish lived. OMG I LOVE THEM. As you may know, I have two tattooed on my back. So, yes, I love them. It was so cute and wobbly. (p.s. I need to get an underwater camera – but someone needs to sponsor me.)

I’m still a bit frustrated – if you are friends with me on the facespace, you’ll know that I posted that I am supah buoyant. It’s true. I am. My feet and legs like to float. I did some skills with Stephan in the pool the other day, including practicing hovering and my fin pivot. Stephan tried to tie my ankles together while hovering to get me to stay in one place. And then Stephan put 1kilo weights around my ankles. And I was FINALLY able to do a proper fin pivot. But good gawd it takes a kilo of weight around my ankle to get me there?? Now to practice the hovering. I was almost crying I was so frustrated.

I think one of the things that I’m having a really hard time with is doing everything so slowly – when I, as a DMT, model something, it has to be done instruction-level-quality, and slow enough. More exaggerated than most things. It’s hard for me, apparently. Ugh. Frustrated. Anyway, as I get to practice more, I hope to get better. It’s difficult, because I have no one to practice in the pool with. Usually there are at least 2 DMT candidates on a course (you may recall that I was supposed to have a classmate), so you can go into the pool and practice. But, as a solo student, I can’t go into the pool and practice alone. So, I’m on a mission to get more practice in, with other people who are in the office.

That’s the ONLY way I’m going to get anything done! And I have to get certain points to pass. ARGH!! Maybe I don’t want to go back to school.

Anyway, today is more Open Water class, starting in the pool, so I have to go get on that.

There’s a small part of me that misses the holiday season and being with family. Mostly the being with family. But the rest of me is okay with being here and missing out on the crazy, crass commercialism. I heard a few Christmas songs a week ago – and now I want them back.

My flickr feed has some more pictures on it. And I keep forgetting my camera. So here is the link again. Noelle’s Flickr Feed. I will try to do better!

3 thoughts on “Tracking backwards.”

  1. ahhh!!! it was so awesome meeting you. i can understand how it can get frustrating and also feeling a little homesick…just remember what you’re doing is such an incredible experience that most people can’t even imagine doing. you’ve stepped out of your comfort zone to achieve your dreams. i’m totally jealous and hoping that one day i can make it happen in my life too. you’re an inspiration to matt and me!!

    ps…it’s my first day back at my terrible desk job and it’s raining. i want sun and diving back in my life!

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