Days 1 and 2. Because I’m not clever with blog names.

I started class today. I got my proper orientation of the dive shop, and my instructor Axl told me to just tell him when I did NOT know someone in the shop, and he’d introduce me. Because I know most of the people who work in the shop. I have been here since last Friday, and I’m just a friendly person (I know, this is shocking news to you), which allowed Axl to introduce me to the peeps I didn’t know yet. There were not very many of them.

I got oriented to the DiveMaster Training schedule and also to the shop – all the detailed places in the shop were pointed out and then I worked on my self-inflating BCD with several people. Then, there were more knowledge reviews to do and reading to get done.

Day 1 was nothing too exciting, but it was fine. And then I was also able to stay out of the sun, so this was a bonus.

Day 2 was more classroom stuff – and knowledge reviews. I also was turned over from Axl to Stefan for the DM course. Stefan is more land-based, while Axl goes out on boats. I was to be Axl’s first DM student, but no longer!

In addition to classroom excitement, I had to complete a rescue assessment. Axl thought it would be an easy journey to the sea, but the surge was hellacious. I had to drag a non-responsive diver 25 meters to the shore and drag him out, all the while doing rescue breaths.

We were easily in waves of 1.5 meters high, so that posed problems. I never gave up, though – even though I wanted to walk my way home via Phuket to LA, but I didn’t. It was good to not have given up. The shore seemed to get further and further away as I attempted to get closer. It was very frustrating. Upon arriving at the sand, I fell over.

I came back to the Dive Center and wow – I think I took home half the sea shells on the shore in my gear.
I passed the scenario, and I know that I almost choked Stefan – but by the same token, the shore never got any closer.

All of these things makes for a very tired Noelle. And, it makes me say: WTF WAS I THINKING?? After the fact, though, I do feel pleased that I did it.

And, apparently the two instructors I was with have been saying what horrible conditions they were, and how I never gave up. I had several people come up to me today and mention it. So, I feel proud of that.

On to bigger and better things! Like guiding tours under the water.

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