A Blatant Plea

This has nothing to do with my trip to Thailand. This only has to do with my friend Aidan’s awesome new movie. I have known Aidan since the 7th grade, way back in 1989. He’s been making movies since before I met him. That’s a long time. Now he’s working on a movie that combines science fiction and real high school experiences. It is a collaboration between professional filmmakers and high school students in Oakland, CA.

Aidan needs your help to get the movie made. There is a kickstarter campaign out there that needs some love, and you can share the site with your friends.

Please go and support SPACE OUT. As with all kickstarter campaigns, you get various things if you donate and the project moves forward (essentially gifts for donation levels), whereas if the amount is not met, your pledge is not turned into money.

Here’s the trailer (I cannot WAIT to see it): SPACE OUT trailer
Here’s the kickstarter site: SPACE OUT kickstarter campaign

And tell a friend! Aidan is almost to the halfway point… help out just a smidge!

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