Wait, I just did what?

Oh, that’s right, I quit my job and moved home to Seattle.

In the past 6 weeks, I’ve done some crazy things. As in, I quit my job on August 12, drove to SF, then to Arcata, then to Portland, and finally I arrived in Seattle on August 19.

I said goodbye to my awesome social media friends and also non-work friends at Drago Centro, then goodbye to my work family near to work, then goodbye to my South Bay BFF’s at The Tasting Kitchen in Venice. Let me tell you, driving 8 hours while hungover isn’t the easiest thing to do. I was very glad to have had The Tasting Kitchen be my last big meal in LA – and man, did Devon and Justin get me sloshed. I would post some pictures of drinks, but I was too focused on my friends. It’s a loss for everyone, promise.

I got to see some friends in San Francisco, my little brother and some other family outside Arcata and then some other friends in Portland in my week of travel up the coast. It was a great way to think on my drive up. I don’t think that I actually felt the completeness of the move due to the fact that I was scheduled to return to LA for a big bike ride only 4 weeks later. I guess the move in stages part was good.

All in all, my trip from being a Californian to being a Washingtonian was completely awesome. I got to meet several twitter friends that I’d never met before (@themayorpete, @thedapperdiner and @fox_zilla) in San Francisco – all on the same night, in fact. I wandered around the Ferry Building with two friends, and just was mostly mobile, on foot – which is easy to do in SF, whereas not too easy in LA. The sun came out just for me, supposedly. I enjoyed spending a few days with my youngest brother, my virtual sister-in-law and also my niece. I was bummed that the 2nd youngest brother wasn’t around. I spent some good time at the river, reminiscing about when I used to spend time at the river, when I was much younger. The main difference were the rocks. We didn’t have a ton of rocks in Curlew.

After being in the country, I was ready to get back to The City, so I drove for 8 hours to Portland. There I got to see friends who are bartenders, professors and filmmakers. If Seattle doesn’t work out, I can always move to Portland! In Portland I got to meet even more people I’d never met, except for online, along with seeing friends from 7th grade and also 1997. You know, like yesterday. It was lovely to spend time in Portland and I got to meet an amazingly inspiring cyclist, Heidi Swift. Heidi and I have talked on twitter for a while, and I finally got to meet her and go for a ride with her. I knew she’d kick my ass on the ride, so it was all I could do to NOT fall down on the ride. Being hungover definitely did NOT help. Regardless, I survived a trip up Mount Tabor and around Portland. If you want to go biking in Portland – get out there and do it! The bike paths are lovely and the network of paths seems very complete. The only problem was getting back up the hill to where my car was. Huge thanks to Heidi for my cup of coffee and not leaving me in your dust!

I'm HOME!!!!!!!!

Finally it was off to cross the bridge into Washington. It felt good. It felt right. I knew that coming home was going to be a huge deal, but I didn’t know how good it would feel. I had this giddy grin on my face from when I crossed the Columbia River till I saw the Space Needle while stuck in traffic South of Downtown Seattle. When it is right, you know. Just like it was right to leave Seattle 11 years ago, it was right to return on August 19.

(This is just part 1 of my move story. More to come soon.)

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