Getting to Bangkok

I kind of pushed the limits today… I didn’t want to go to Krabi for a night and then go on to BKK on a plane. I decided that I might end up cutting it close with a minibus to Krabi… I asked the driver if he would drop me off at the airport and he assured me he would. There was a family on the bus who was very late, and if they hadn’t been late, I might not have had to shout at the tour agency where I was dropped off… note to self – do not fly to Krabi in order to go to Khao Lak. When I come back to Khao Lak to dive, I’ll definitely fly to Phuket. I had to flag a songthaew (an open-backed taxi) to get me to the airport, and had to pay him 150 baht, but that was a GOOD DEAL less than I would have had to fork over for the stupid tour agency to take me… I ended up giving him 200 baht. And I barely made the check-in time, according to the sign – BUT, I don’t think they were really going by that.

Uneventful flight back to BKK, I had to fly over the lovely blue water of the Gulf of Thailand and I was very sad… there is no ocean breeze here, and I really would much prefer that… But, I’ll get to hang out with my friend Helen from the boat, and also with Suthee and Wendy. I still need to do some shopping, after all!

I had an authentic market Thai dinner with some people from the dive shop on Friday night, which was very fun. It’s great to be able to make friends where ever I go!

I probably won’t post before I go home, so I’ll let you all know I’m back when I get to the office, zombie-like, on Monday. What I would really like to do is NOT go home, but go do more diving… but reality has set in, and I feel like I should do it. Bummer.

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