Slip and fall lawyers from Noelle Law Firm can help you in various kinds of slip and fall injuries due to poor design or wrong maintenance of a property. You can be injured by collapsing concrete, and many other factors. For example, cracking wood and poorly designed stairs are very dangerous. Loose handrails can also cause many dangerous slips and falls. You should contact us in these cases.

Slip and fall lawyers from Noelle Law Firm can also help you if you are injured by floor defects and maintenance problems. These factors can cause unexpected accidents. As a rule, homeowners need to keep their landlords reasonably safe, and problems of this kind will often justify monetary claims. Liability in place means that an employer can be held liable for any type of injury to the property, whether inside or outside the building. You have the right to be compensated for various claims unrelated to falls. From grocery stores to hospitals, spills can cause serious injury to unprotected customers and visitors. Failure to do so may result in liability for the victim’s financial and non-financial losses.